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Submitted on
March 27, 2012
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If ever you asked me
to compare your kisses to a drink,
I would say,
Jack and Coke on the rocks.

But not the room-temperature-2-liter-bottle
kind of coke,
or the syrup-and-seltzer-water-from-a-nozzle
kind of coke,
I mean the go-down-to-the-7-eleven-and-buy-one-of-those-12-oz-glass-bottles-made-in-Mexico
kind of coke,
because your kisses are so sweet,
they must be made from pure sugar cane.

And they hit my mouth so cool,
but go down so warm,
and that bubbly sensation
mixes with the whiskey
so sweet and so smooth and
so, maybe it's too easy to drink, and
so I ask for another and another and
so you have to cut me off
because I get carried away
in the intoxication
of your kisses, like
Jack and Coke on the rocks.

And that is what I would tell you,
if you ever asked me
to compare your kisses to a drink.
Might rewrite this later.
And if they were a candy? <3
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