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Footsteps echo into the emptiness and fantasy of the Two AM reality. Sauntering amongst the heavy shadows, the clever/cynical/overly-sexual/crude/sophisticated writer knows as J.M.Kauftheil waits with a Scorpionic intensity for an unsuspecting inspiration to wander too close. J.M.K. is a wild card, a thrill-seeking journalist, penning fiction and narratives based on his shifting imagination and his strange, exciting, fulfilling, and sometimes unpleasant experiences. Unbridled poetry rolls through his breath, abstract mechanisms expressing his impermanent, swirling emotions. Words are J.M.Kauftheil’s playground.
The experimental and adventuresome wordsmith doesn’t quite see himself as an “American citizen” – rather, he feels himself a resident of the young 21st century, with fingers spread out to the Twentieth and beyond. Considered by many to be an “old soul”, he nibbles the fruits of the new, savors the wine of the past, and makes merry in his own timeless way.
The man who hides behind the even darker shade of this penname, covered by the cloak of that alter-ego, is the eccentric Sir Daniel Kent I. He is a man of strange interests – a collector of teas and carnal tales, expanding his knowledge of fetish while having shirked many of the educational responsibilities behind his high school diploma.
He is considered by both his adversaries and his close friends to be very arrogant – a description he proudly embraces. Aside from his nose, he also holds his bizarre values high. Sir Daniel Kent I feels the need to be referred to in the third-person – both by himself, and those he speaks to. In his opinion, which he knows is correct, “I” and “You” should be left as letters.
The brain shared between the prolific J.M.Kauftheil and the idiosyncratic Sir Daniel Kent I balances the two similar yet differently-angled personalities. The dominating Sir Daniel lives a teetering life, jumping between introspective pursuits of understanding, and excitedly telling the unrefined story of a recent adventure to friends (if they weren’t already an accomplice), while J.M. absorbs the content, and releases it as a cultivated and polished piece of writing. With the literary skill and the eccentric approach to life combined, the single-minded, double-egoed artist can accomplish interesting feats – such as writing a short, well-written, self-promoting autobiography in the third person.

Seriously, what an asshole!
Written for the "adventure" account, itsallpooop

I decided to write "character bios" for all three of us, as sort of a joke (I still have yet to get to the other twos' )

Who I am, a bit exaggerated. But hey, I'm an ass.

(btw, wanted to submit this as an ID, but DA is stupid and only allows pictures for that.)
Kuja-Gaias-Redemptio Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Man, that's awesome. That ending is brilliant! XD
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August 14, 2009
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