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So, roughly 2 AM, 3-24-11
This marks a pretty fucking satisfying accomplishment for me as a writer.

After maybe a year or two of slow, gradual work,
I finally have the OFFICIAL first draft of the first chapter of the first section of my (potentially) first finished book.

It sounds like a long time for so little - it's about 8 pages, total - but I'm a slow worker, and I haven't been too focused on this project. I kind of just worked on it in small bursts.
Also, I have quite a bit more written, but it's still all in notebooks.
This, in some arguments, isn't the first draft - I've rewritten this at least three or four times. (It's based off a prequel I wrote, to a piece I wrote when I was 16, so this goes way back.) But what I have now is the piece in the format I want it in (typed up, broken into a bunch of mini-chapters), and in a way that I'm finally comfortable letting other people read it. Granted, it's going to be a select few people, but this has been otherwise under-wraps.

For those of you who remember my Katelyn story, I'm going to be integrating that as part of this book. Going to rewrite, and actually finish it.

I know that probably none of you give a shit, but I'm pretty damn happy with myself.

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